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Bylaws (State and Chapter)

Administrative Documents


Chapter Executive Board



 Board Chair
 Bill Brookreson
 Vice Chair (Pierce County)
 Jane Ostericher

 Vice Chair (Thurston County)
 Deborah Naslund
Allan Borden

Jane Ely


 Chairs of Standing Committees

  Chapter Web Manager
  Lee Fellenberg

  Editorial Committee
  Bill Brookreson - Chair

  Education Committee
  Jane Ostericher - Chair 

  Grants Committee
John Neorr - Chair

  Presentations Coordinator

  Sue Butkas



 Publicity Committee
 Jane Ostericher - Chair

 Volunteers Committee
 Gail Trotter - Chair

 Chapter Botanist


 Conservation Committee  

 Gail Trotter

 Field Trip Committee
 Cyndy Dillon - Chair

 Immediate Past Board Chair
 Cyndy Dillon


Chapter Board Meeting Minutes
All files are
(below are Minutes only)

 12/13/2009  5/1/2011
 5/16/2010  8/28/2011
 9/12/2010  11/13/2011
 11/14/2010  3/25/2012

(below are Minutes and Info related to the meeting)

Date Minutes Info   Date Minutes Info
8/26/2012 X X   11/11/2012 X X
3/24/2013 X X   8/11/2013 X X
11/3/2013 X X   3/23/2014 X X
8/3/2014 X X   11/23/2014 X X
3/22/2015 X X   8/8/2015 X X
11/22/2015 X X   3/20/2016 X  
8/21/2016 X     11/20/2016 X X
3/12/2017 X X   8/13/2017 X X
11/19/2017 X X   3/11/2018 X X
8/5/2018 X X        



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